Halloween Safety– Common Tips and Tricks

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, particularly children looking forward to fun costumes and a plethora of candy. As a parent, Halloween brings up a host of safety concerns to take into account before the big day. Being prepared will help ensure a pleasant and safe holiday for kids and parents.


One of the factors many forget to take into account are the masks that come as part of child costumes. Take a moment before heading out to check the air and eye holes. Are they large enough? Will they be able to see? If not, particularly if they will be walking by the road, have the child only wear the mask at the doors and not while they are walking.

Check your child’s sleeves and pant legs before leaving. If they are too long, they could cause trips and falls, so make sure everything fits properly.

A roll of reflective tape is relatively inexpensive and sticking a strip on the back of your child’s costume works as an extra form of protection against traffic. Children can also carry glow sticks to make them even more visible to passing drivers.

Choosing A Place to Trick or Treat

When choosing where to take your children to trick or treat, try and choose a well-lit and open area. Avoid neighborhoods without streetlights.

Street Safety

Most parents have already taught their children a plethora of road safety rules, but a quick refresher on Halloween can help them not get too distracted by the excitement and forget. They should only cross at corners, using crosswalks and traffic signals. Have them make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them. Before crossing, look left, right, and left again, and avoid using smartphones or getting distracted while crossing.

As a Driver

Drivers down the Atlantic Coast, whether or not they are participating in the Halloween festivities, should engage in a few general driver safety habits to make sure everyone stays safe. Stay alert and drive slower than usual in neighborhoods and residential areas. Double check curbs and crossings. Enter and exit driveways with more care than usual. Avoid distractions while driving, particularly during the official Melbourne, Florida trick or treat hours of 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Stay safe and prepared this Halloween in regard to road and costume safety. Just a few small changes can make all the difference for those out trick or treating this year.

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