Renter’s Insurance for College Students

When planning for the trials and tribulations of college, most students and their parents are not thinking about renter’s insurance. But an increasing number of students now live off campus, especially after their freshman year. Renter’s insurance can help protect belongings and future expenses related to the property.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Offer?

At an affordable cost, students in Brevard County are able to get protection for their belongings and liabilities through renter’s insurance. Even if a student is planning for dorm life, insurance can protect their belongings.

Students often bring musical instruments, expensive clothes, luggage, speakers, computers and other gadgets with them to college. And the dorm environment is not always the safest, as students are sharing rooms with others or leaving their door unlocked when they go to the bathroom.

Items can get stolen. Without insurance, a student will have to live without the item or pay for a replacement out of pocket. Renter’s insurance from Atlantic Coast Insurance would provide protection for that item. A student would be able to replace the item through the payout they receive, the specifics of which are dependent on the chosen policy.

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