Going on Vacation? 5 Tips for Brevard County Homeowners

Summer is in full-force, and homeowners in Brevard County are planning their vacations. Maps will be looked at and destinations decided. Next, a budget will be planned, and travel arrangements made. But as with all things, safety must be the first priority.

And while safety during your vacation is important, your home’s safety should be your first line of defense. Remember, your homeowner’s insurance covers your losses, but it’s your job to limit those losses and take every precaution necessary to ensure the protection of your home and your belongings.

Home Safety Tips from Atlantic Coast Insurance

Tip #1: Pause Your Mail Delivery

Identity theft is a real concern. Pausing your mail delivery will help prevent identity theft through the theft of your mail, which can contain account information, bank statements, and sometimes very personal information. With a simple piece of your mail, a stranger can obtain your full name, your address, your bank name, and account information for your bank accounts and utilities. This can be enough information to request forgotten passwords and more.

Tip #2: Leave Your Homeowner’s Insurance Card with a Neighbor

In case of a fire, a hurricane, a flood, an earthquake, or any other natural disaster or freak accident resulting in property damage, leave your homeowner’s insurance agent’s card with a neighbor you trust.

Tip #3: Install Outdoor Security Lights

When it appears someone is not home, especially for several days at a time, it can seem like an open invitation to would-be criminals. Having exterior security lights is a major deterrent for anyone looking to break into your home.

Tip #4: Save the Social Posts Until You’ve Come Home

A big vacation trip may be exciting news, but don’t share it with the world. At least not before or during your trip. Announcing that you will not be home for an extended period of time is the exact kind of information you do not want in the wrong hands.

Tip #5: Install a Security System

Nowadays, security systems can be very inexpensive. You can purchase a cheap WIFI home security system for under $300, and sometimes much less than that. Many of which can be remote controlled with an app. A quick set up can give you peace of mind knowing that in the event your home is broken into, an alarm system is in place to scare away a home invader.

Following these 5 tips for home safety will not only minimize risk of damage or property theft, they will give you the peace of mind knowing you have done everything you can to prevent a loss. Not to mention, it will also provide a clear picture of the steps you took for your home insurance agent in the event something unforeseen does happen.

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