What To Do With Your Christmas Tree

christmastreeSo now that all those holiday decorations are about to come down and be put away, you may be wondering what to do with the dried out Christmas tree that has been dropping needles in your living room for the past few weeks.  While we definitely recommend removing that fire hazard from your home as soon as possible, we can also recommend steps to take it from there.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Find out when local pickup is scheduled and leave it right at your curb.  If you can’t stand the sight of it anymore, you could probably bring your tree to them as well.  Find out when your town’s waste management center will be open and drop it off.
  2. Contact your nearest conservation center to see if they have a use for it.  Some agencies use Christmas trees as housing for birds or other woodland creatures.  Others use them to help replenish beaches.  They sink them in the water to help restore shores all across the coastline.  Just make sure you have ALL decorations off the tree.  Tinsel may look pretty, but it could do serious damage to wildlife.
  3. Rent a wood chipper and make mulch.  That beautiful tree can do more than just look pretty with decorations on it.  It can be used to keep your flower beds moisturized this spring!  If you don’t want to go through the trouble of mulching the tree yourself, find out if your waste management center will do it for you! In fact, you may be able to take even more mulch for free!  It never hurts to ask.

Your beautiful Christmas tree brought a lot of joy to you and your loved ones during the holidays.  Now you can start planning for this year’s Christmas… it’s only 11 months away, after all!


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