Holiday Decorating Safety

decorationsNow is the time when a lot of people start thinking about decorating their homes for the holidays.  What’s not to love about beautiful, festive decorations adorning both interiors and exteriors of people’s homes?  But when you start putting up those twinkly lights, remember to always think about safety first!  Here are some tips to help keep you and your home safe this holiday season:

  • Decorating the roofline with lights can be beautiful, but check the weather conditions before you head up there.  A windy or rainy day can really put a damper on your decorating endeavor. Rain can make everything slippery and wind can knock over your ladder quite easily.  Always have someone with you to hold the ladder,  And save the decorating for another day if the weather is not agreeable,
  • When putting up a tree inside, be mindful of placement.  Whether your tree is artificial or fresh from the forest, it can be quite flammable.  Placing it near a fireplace, candle, or other open flame could be disastrous for your home.  Be sure you keep real trees watered properly to prevent them from drying out and becoming even more flammable.
  • Shiny baubles can be very appealing to youngsters and pets who may want to touch or even put them in their mouths.  Keep your children and pets safe as well by keeping decorations out of reach.  Put up a child safety gate around your tree and keep ornaments high enough out of reach.

Before the holidays get underway, check your homeowner’s policy to make sure it is up to date and will provide you with the coverage you need in the event of an accident.  We want you to have the happiest of holidays this year, so stay safe and have fun decorating your home!


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