Updating Your Home Inventory

assetsWhen you first bought your home and purchased a homeowner’s insurance policy, you may have been asked to submit a home inventory to your homeowner’s insurance carrier.  It was most likely an optional task that you may or may not have completed.  With all of the other things you were probably doing at the time (packing, unpacking, looking into schools, etc.) it is completely understandable that you may have glossed over it.

But now that you have been there for a while, you might want to revisit that inventory paperwork.  Having a home inventory on file can really help if you ever need to file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Even if you did complete the inventory when you first moved in, updating the items on your list every once in a while is a good idea, too.

Making a home inventory is relatively easy depending on the amount of items you own.  Contact your carrier for any forms they would like you to complete.  If they do not have specific paperwork, you can get some here.  Then, walk around your property and take pictures of all your assets.  Add as much information to the photos as possible: price you paid, value, and name of manufacturer.  Do this in every room and outside the house.  Submitting those photos along with any written information to your carrier can make it quicker and easier to be financially reimbursed for any losses that fall within the scope of your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

If you have any questions about how to make a home inventory or would like to know anything else about your homeowner’s insurance coverage, please call us at [astPhone].  Whether you are a new homeowner or have had your home for years, we are here to help make your life as a homeowner as painless and easy as possible.


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